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Requisition ID: req5398

Job Title: Infirmier Prestataire

Sector: Health

Employment Category: Regular

Employment Type: Full-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Kalemie, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Health Manager, the Nurse Provider of the mobile team will be based in Kalemie with many movements in the province of Tanganyika. He will be in charge of the administration of curative and preventive care to populations in difficult circumstances: displaced, returned and indigenous population. It will have to contribute to the improvement of the access to the PHC of the populations in difficult situation.

He will coach / coach the health center team to provide a quality LDC to vulnerable people including women, children and the general population.

The Nurse Provider will be required, depending on the requirements of the program, to participate in assessment and response missions (mobile team, institutional support, vaccination campaigns and nutrition interventions). He will work in collaboration with the CS team, ECZS and the Health Protection Emergency Project Implementation Team.


Facing the mobile team

  • Organize, plan and participate in health assessments in the areas of displacement;
  • Participate in preparations (inputs, management tools, medicines) and deployment of the mobile team to the emergency zone;
  • Ensure the medical management of the populations targeted by the intervention based on the flow charts of care and in strict compliance with universal precautions
  • Prepare and participate in nutrition and immunization activities
  • Inventory equipment and equipment
  • Participate in ordering drugs and vaccines for the mobile team
  • Ensure referral to the health facilities that will be retained
  • Ensure proper maintenance of the management tools (consultation records, RUMER, Vaccination ....)
  • Systematically and correctly use the flow charts and protocol of care during a mobile clinic and in the FOSA
  • Participate in the data analysis, key indicators and writing the various reports.

When working in an existing health facility,

  • Participate in the evaluation of the capacity of the health facility (personnel, equipment, tools, infrastructures) to be used to take care of the populations in difficult situation and to elaborate a plan of reinforcement
  • Supervise the team of the CS for the provision of quality care to the population concerned in collaboration with the management team.
  • Collaborate with the supervisor in the development and execution of the schedule of activities
  • Ensuring respect for the use of care flow charts and infection prevention measures in hospital settings
  • Ensure that inventory of equipment and equipment is done regularly in collaboration with CODESA
  • Participate in ordering drugs and vaccines
  • Ensure referral to the health facilities that will be retained
  • Ensure correct and up-to-date management tools (consultation records, RUMER, Vaccination and other registers ....)
  • Participate in the data analysis, key indicators and writing the various reports.
  • Assurer que les données MAPEPI sont à jours et analysé pour prise de décision a temps
  • Assurer que toutes les données collectées au CS sont qualité
  • S’assurer que le PEV de routine est organisé régulièrement et correctement dans l’aire de santé (y compris la stratégie avancée) et que la chaine de froid est fonctionnel

 Autres responsabilités

  • Assister le Health Manger dans l’identification des zones de déplacement et des mouvements des population en utilisant toutes les sources de données disponibles en vue de conduire une évaluation sanitaire immédiate chez les  déplacés, retournés et /ou famille d’accueil ,
  • S’assurer que tous les renseignements nécessaires sont portés dans les outils d’évaluation et partagés avec les superviseurs hiérarchiques ;
  • Au besoin participer aux réunions préparatoires des évaluations programmées par les superviseurs hiérarchiques,
  • Au besoin participer à la préparation des protocoles des évaluations avec les autres membres ;
  • S’assurer que les équipes d’évaluation disposent de tous les outils appropriés  dans le cadre des évaluations sanitaires suite aux mouvements de population,
  • Au besoin participer à l’organisation, la planification  et la réalisation des MSA en collaboration avec le Team Leader
  • Récolter, encoder, analyser et rapporter les résultats des activités de l’équipe mobile
  • Contribuer à l’identification des gaps dans les domaines de réponses humanitaires d’urgence ainsi que la nature des interventions pertinentes adaptées  à la situation des déplacés ;

Gestion des médicaments /matériels et équipements

  • Lorsque requis, Participer à la réception, au déballage des médicaments sur le site d’intervention avec l’équipe du CS et la communauté (CODESA)
  • En collaboration avec le responsable du dépôt de médicaments, s’assurer que les Kits de médicaments et les outils de suivi sont préparés  et complets selon le type de  la réponse.
  • Participer au colisage et livraison des médicaments a la structure de prise en charge
  • Respect du système de  suivi et de gestion des médicaments  par l’equipe mobile
  • Introduction et suivi du système » Système RUMER, fiche Rapport Mensuel  de la Pharmacie »  et système dépôt de MEG/ Pharmacie zonale –suivi-livraison et inventaire
  • Supervision du système de gestion de MEG/ matériel et équipements mis à la disposition des FOSA
  • Relever et analyser des bons de commande de FOSA appuyées par le projet
  • Aider à définir la CMM du CS

Gestion financière

  • S’assurer du respect du système de tarification qui sera négociée avec le BCZS.
  • S’assurer de la bonne tenue des documents comptables du CS : livre de caisse,….

En collaboration avec le Health Manger assurer le suivi de l’utilisation correcte des fonds alloués par le projet : prime, fonctionnement et fonds de réserve des médicaments.

Suivi et référencement

  • Monitorer /contrôler avec l’agent  assurance qualité les références des urgences obstétricales, chirurgicales, médicales et pédiatriques vers les CSR et HGR
  • Contrôler la qualité de prise en charge et les facteurs de rachat de services (première instance agent qualité)
  • Evaluation des besoins en formation continu ; formation  de base ou recyclage ; identification des personnes à former

Gestion des activités appui modulaire (Programme Elargi de Vaccination/PEV et autre)

  • Appuyer les FOSA   dans les activités préventives (y  inclus le Planning familial et PEV)
  • To evaluate with the ECZ the need or not to organize the mass vaccination in the zones at risk of epidemic
  • Participate in the organization of vaccination campaigns jointly with the BCZS


  • Commit to IRC Way (or Code of Conduct / Mandatory Reporting Policies)
  • Commit to ensuring the optimal implementation of these policies in its framework.
  • Undertake to comply with IRC's Internal Regulations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Be creative about the needs of the affected population
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Perform other health-related tasks requested by his / her supervisor other than those described in this job description.


  • Nurse A1 with a good experience in SSP and perfect mastery of flowcharts,
  • Having worked as an IT at a health center is an ASSET
  • Having worked in a mobile clinic is an ASSET
  • At least 3 years of experience in the administration of primary health care.
  • A good mastery of flowcharts is an asset
  • Strong planning and organizational skills and communication skills
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in primary health care;
  • Have at least proven professional experience with at least 1 year in the humanitarian field or with NGOs
  • Having worked in the health field during an emergency is an asset
  • Excellent level of French and Swahili written and oral;
  • Have a sense of organization and precision
  • Be able to take relevant initiatives for the program as needed
  • Be available to travel to the target areas for benefits
  • Willingness and ability to work in an unstable environment
  • Ability to work under pressure and live in difficult conditions;  
  • Strong resistance to stress and ability to work at a high pace corresponding to emergencies;
  • The employee must demonstrate flexibility and be able to meet the requirements and instructions of his supervisor for the purposes of the service


  • Commits to respect the code of ethics of IRC (IRC Way)
  • Commits to ensure the optimal implementation of this code in its framework 
  • Be available to perform any other task deemed useful by his direct superior or the IRC
  • Adhere to the values of the IRC in the exercise of its functions.

IRC and IRC employees must adhere to the values and principles contained in the IRC WAY (Standards of Professional Conduct). These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability. In accordance with these values, IRC operates and enforces policies on beneficiary protection from exploitation and abuse, child protection, workplace harassment, financial integrity, and retaliation.

The employee acknowledges having read and understood the details of the above job description, the terms and conditions of his / her contract as well as the IRC Way or Code of Conduct and certifies that he / she wants and agrees to comply with them.

He understands that failure to comply with the above may lead to the termination of his employment with IRC.

Composition of the file

  • Cover letter ;
  • Curriculum vitae up to date including 3 professional references (including their function, email address, and telephone number);
  • Copies of diplomas, certificates of services rendered, and copy of an identity document; and
  • Copy of an unemployed card for the unemployed.
  • Copy of an identity document;

Equal skills, preference will be given to a female candidate